Roofing may become damaged from natural causes such as bad weather; a damaged roof needs to be repaired to prevent further damage and potential leaks into your home. We also supply and install high-quality gutters, facias & soffits, we supply maintenance-free and weather resistant metal guttering.

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New Roofs

With Rightchoice Roofing & Masonry you’ll have peace of mind knowing your property is in expert roofers hands. And yes, our expert services are affordable.

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Foundations & Basements

Protect your homes’ foundation and prevent it from further damage . With over 35 years of combined experience, we assure you of exceptional quality services. We’ll begin with a leak investigation and stone restoration and finish off with a waterproofing coating.

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Chimney Repairs

Chimneys should last 50 years or more if correctly maintained and properly equipped, however many chimneys need tuckpointing or other masonry repairs over the years since it is a free standing structure which is directly exposed to the elements from all sides.

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Tuckpointing & Brick Repair

Our team has a great deal of experience with brick, stone and commonly used fillers in building construction. Our repointing services will extend the life of each masonry unit, therefore extending the life of your home and maintaining its safety.

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We are the leading masonry experts in the region. We repair and repoint all types of brickwork, including chimneys, and also restore stone foundations, walkways and stairs.

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About Rightchoice Roofing & Masonry

When it comes to exceptional roofing services in the Greater Toronto area, your search ends here. At Rightchoice Roofing & Masonry, we specialize in not only roofing but also a range of top-tier masonry services that can transform your property. Whether you’re looking for driveway installation, chimney repair, asphalt or concrete work, foundation and basement repair, our proficient team has got you covered.

Boasting an impressive 35 years of combined experience, we are dedicated to delivering results that will undoubtedly surpass your expectations. Our commitment extends beyond just quality work – we’re also proud to offer a price-match guarantee against any comparable quote. This means that our premium services remain not only exceptional but also budget-friendly for you.

Elevate both the visual allure and the value of your property by entrusting your needs to the experts at Rightchoice Roofing & Masonry. As the leading choice for masonry, foundation, and chimney repairs, we are well-equipped to cater to both residential and commercial projects. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of restoration and construction. Whether it’s your front stairs, steps, retaining walls, patios, walkways, garage, basement, or chimney, our comprehensive coverage ensures that every masonry structure is handled with the utmost proficiency.
Make the smart choice for your property’s roofing and masonry needs. Contact Rightchoice Roofing & Masonry today and experience the difference that true expertise and unwavering dedication can bring to your project.


We were looking for the best craftsmen for our project that required great attention to detail. The team completed the work in less than a week that too, turned out exactly as we wanted. Absolutely loved working with you guys for my interior studio

I am very happy with the outcome of the work performed by Rightchoice Roofing & Masonry. The masons were very knowledgeable, and explained the process well. The work was completed on time, and the clean up was perfect. I would hire them again, without question.

Rightchoice Roofing & Masonry is the best contractor I’ve dealt with in a long time, the Masonary workers were professional and did a fantastic job. I would recommend them to anyone who needs brickwork or any other Masonry work